Bobby Bitminntonn – Get to Know Him

Bobby Bittminntonn is a Bobby-come-lately to Comics for Grownups, yet honored to be accepted in their illustrious stable of fine comics creators.

Since the pitiful age of three, drawing has been his passion and we most definitely benefit when he puts cross to hatch. In an alternate history, he would have been that monk in “The Name of the Rose” who doodled in the margins of his illuminated texts, making all manner of beasts and men – farting and fornicating, no doubt.

A frequent collaborator with the talented Boneus Bone, Bittminntonn is proud of their most notable co-venture: Gentlemen’s Pernicious Entertainment.

Bobby Bitminntonn

Bobby Bittminntonn


Corey Ballard

Creative Director

Cameron Knight