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The comic book is an American invention. It was born from the same age as two other imposing cultural forces: the moving picture, which gave birth to the movie, and to television, and jazz, which gave birth to popular music. Movies and jazz gave much to the world: they gave us artists as celebrities, distribution as technology, and artistic experiences as immersive as they were profound.

But what of the comic book? It has outlived jazz, but so has the hula hoop. The comic book marched alongside movies and TV until the 1950s (for reasons discussed elsewhere), but flickering lights on screens beguile the mind. But while there is no art form that demands more from its readers than the comic book, there is no art form that gives back as much as the comic book.


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About Comics for Grownups

Comics for Adults

Some may titter when they hear of “Adult Comics” and think that prurient obscenities fill every page. Not so! Many pages contain less than 10% of ball hairs and other rude drawings.  



Kill the Zero


Comics for Grownups seeks to grow that immature understanding and bring you some real fun stuff without making you feel guilty like you did something wrong. Because you didn’t! You’re a healthy individual mammal with oxygenated blood and a taste for what makes life fun.

Comics are good, and clean, and a font of purity in an entertainment world gone wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you different.


Comic Life

Comics are America’s Greatest Entertainment Value

Lax Team Sex Scandal

Remember that time in 2006 when 3 lacrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper only they were completely innocent? This is a comic about that stupid incident.


Walls of Eryx

A science fiction comic written by HP Lovecraft and Kenneth Sterling


Gentlemen’s Pernicious Entertainment

A vile, filthy comic that is very funny.


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Walls of Eryx Cover


The comics on this site are created by a variety of artists wholly committed to bringing you a memorable experience. We don’t half-ass the art, and we don’t half-ass the story. No one likes half an ass and no one likes shitty, forgettable comics. As you browse through the site and mull over the decision to buy, remember that we make our comics available in the format most useful to you:


Noteworthy Works

  • The Lax Team Sex Scandal
  • Gentlemen’s Pernicious Entertainment
  • Walls of Eryx


Lax Team Sex Scandal Comic Cover

Cartoon dog I saw in a dream