Lax Team Sex Scandal #1!

The Lax Team Sex Scandal

Here it is! The only place on the web you can purchase The Lax Team Sex Scandal, starring comic book sensation Crimebuster  and written and drawn by  Sam Battin !


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Here is a textual explanation of the comic:

  • First of all, this is a work of satire and parody in the finest American tradition. There is nothing that’s true in these pages except for the express purpose of parody or satire.
  • Secondly: on March 13, 2016 ESPN aired a documentary about the Duke Lacrosse case, marking the 10 year anniversary of an incident where a black stripper had accused three white lacrosse players at Baron University of an unthinkable crime.
  • Third: This comic is an unflinching look at all of the stupidity and bad-faith arguing brought to bear against these three men.


Page 13 of the Lax Team Sex Scandal

Page 13 of the Lax Team Sex Scandal

Fighting the SJWs!

At left is an example from a single page of Issue #1 showing a turbulent and turbid time in America’s history; a shameful past when social justice warriors first emerged from the shadows and launched their attack on American decency! Meet Crimebuster, the costumed crimefighter as he confronts a gathering of “protestors” mere moments away from becoming a lynch mob!

On Paper!

As of July 2020, there are four issues of this comic available today on:

  • Paper – This is a full size, 10 inch by 6.75 inch paper comic with twenty-eight or so pages of high quality color!

Issue 1!

Issue 2!

Issue 3!

Issue 4!

Hot comic book babe!

March 2006!

The Lax Team Sex Scandal is your ticket back to this exciting time! In this story you can learn how not only students, but townspeople, local and national news reporters, university professors, bloggers of note, celebrities, and the local police, rushed to judgment and sought to banish three young men to prison for a crime they had not committed.


Learn the Truth about the Horrors of Communism!

Learn the truth about the accusations through one of America’s brightest, fiestiest mediums: THE COMIC BOOK. No other medium can connect with the reader in the intimate way that the comic effortlessly achieves. Pictures and words on the printed page allow the reader to proceed at his own pace, and hover over intriguing details, pulsating prose, or interesting images as suits his taste. With all the drama of a police procedural novel, all the cutting edges of the best in political cartoons, and the All-American boy hero “Crimebuster” fresh from Charles Biro’s classic comic Boy Illustories, The Lax Team Sex Scandal is a tale that can’t be missed!

Page 19 Issue 3 of Lax Team Sex Scandal


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Lax Team Sex Scandal Issue One

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