Hi, Bros and Sisters!
Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have a formal contact method, but if you have an informal inquiry, please take a visit to the Twitters where you can look up this account:
It’s a fan account, sorry. You can’t contact me directly, but that account knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Your message, if you send one, might reach me, but I can’t promise a response. Also, for the record: I have no control over who follows or is followed by that account, or what that account posts or re-tweets. He (if it’s a he) does what he does, and he doesn’t listen to me.
Yes, you’re right, once I get big I’ll have to look into making an official  twitter account. In this day and age with the cancel culture and the destruction of professional careers for wrongthink, it may be a mistake to let that strange fan account represent itself as the official version of Comics for Grownups.  However, if the account gets too raunchy or offensive, twitter will delete it, so maybe that’s a good thing.
And before you ask, there’s a story about why that fan account got the notoriety it did, and why it isn’t so easy to get them to stop pretending to represent the official voice of Comics for Grownups. But it would take to long to tell here. It’s a really good story, too…