“Badly drawn, badly written and badly printed – a strain on young eyes and young nervous systems – the effect of these pulp-paper nightmares is that of a violent stimulant…”

Sterling North and Raccoons

Nathaniel Long


Goony and Foulmouthed Phil

  • Badly Drawn
  • Badly Written
  • Badly Printed
  • This is terrible, no question about it

Living in Comics

The life of a comics artist is a simple one, and filled with episodes of self- gratification from morning to night. In between eating and drinking, inefficient sleep, and slovenly personal habits, he attempts and fails, time and again, to draw the perfect pair of female buttocks. “Not bright” is a charitable way of describing the intelligence of a comics artist, and there is nothing for decent people to gain from perusing the vile leavings he has left smeared onto low-grade paper. Read more about the comic artist’s lives and wants from the links below.

  1. Stable of Artists
  2. Weird Comic Stories
  3. Comic Book Practice
  4. Screen Tone Etching