Stomping – Mid July, 2021

Crimebuster listens to the cripple's last words

Remember that whole pandemic thing? Man, what bullshit that was. A bunch of feeps tried to convince us that a bad flu season courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party merited shutting down every single small business in America. Sound crazy? The crazy thing is, some people believed it! And they continue to believe it, to this day!

At any rate, I felt like leaving a message here. I used to post on this site regularly, but then things went wrong. What happened? I’ll tell you, so that you know. And maybe I’ll go back to weekly posting.

Okay so I was posting a new item every Friday, and it was goign great! I was using a service called “Grawlix” to post the web comics, and it allowed visitors to go back, forward, see the latest, etc.


But the happiness only lasted about two or so years. The people who were running the Grawlix service had a falling-out, and none of them wanted to do the work to maintain it. And so, the individual web comic pages stopped displaying on my site, they were all blank.
I still have the contents, all of the entries that I wrote. And I could laboriously transfer each of the 280+ different entries into an excel file by going to the entry, copying and pasting the contents with ctrl C and ctrl V, over and over and over but that is such a huge drag, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, I installed wordpress, which you are seeing now. WordPress is unlikely to vanish in the middle of the night, but at the same time, WordPress will kick you off of its service if it thinks you aren’t sufficiently decent. Right now, I’m very unwell known, so there’s not much chance of getting kicked off wordpress.
I won’t worry about it.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, that closes this first blog entry. Will there be more? I don’t know. It depends on how easy it is to add a post.
Adieu, and take care until I see you next time!